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Christmas Food Crafts

Gingerbread Kid Ornaments

Cut out each shape.
Cut out each shape.

Make these Christmas food crafts with your family. These cute gingerbread kid ornaments will be perfect for your tree and to give as gifts.

What you'll need:

Tracing paper




2 sheets opaque shrink plastic, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches each


Black medium-point permanent marker

Acrylic paint: pink, light brown


Hole punch

Cookie sheet

Aluminum foil

34 inches white baby rickrack


Craft glue

4 wiggle eyes, 7mm each


1x1 inches green felt

3 red buttons, 1/8 inch each

2-inch length green eyelet lace, 1 inch wide

6-inch length red satin ribbon, 1/8 inch wide

16 inches red rattail cord

To make the Gingerbreak Kid Ornament

1. Download the Gingerbread Kid Ornament pattern as a PDF.

2. Trace and cut out the pattern.

3. Lightly sand both sheets of shrink plastic, then trace pattern on each sheet with the marker.

4. Paint pink circles for the cheeks, then paint the rest of the shape with a thin coat of light brown; let dry.

5. Cut out each shape.

6. Punch a hole in each, 1/2 inch down from the top of the head.

7. Place the cutouts on a foil-covered cookie sheet, then follow the manufacturer's instructions for baking. Let cool.

8. Cut two 14-inch lengths of rickrack.

9. Glue one length around the edges of each shape, applying glue to the back of the rickrack a few inches at a time.

Glue the rickrack to the edge of each shape.
Glue the rickrack to the edge of each shape.

10. Draw a smile with the marker on the gingerbread kids' heads. Use the tweezers to help you glue on the wiggle eyes, slightly overlapping the cheeks for a cute look.

11. Using the pattern, trace and cut out the tie from the green felt.

12. Glue the tie to the neck of one of the ornaments. Finish this ornament by gluing 3 red buttons down the front.

Glue three buttons down the front.
Glue three buttons down the front.

13. For the second ornament, begin by gluing lace across the waist.

14. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and glue it to the neck.

15. For hair, glue the center of two 3-inch lengths of rickrack to the top of the head. Spot-glue hair at the sides of the head.

Glue the hair onto the ornament.
Glue the hair onto the ornament.

16. ­For the hanger loops, cut two 8-inch lengths of rattail cord.

17. Insert the end of one length through the hole in the ornament and tie the ends together in a knot. Repeat for the other ornament.

Thread the ribbon.
Thread the ribbon.

You may want to make a few extra -- when people see these hanging on your tree they might want these cute ornaments for their tree too.

While you are making ornaments, make some Candy Cane Reindeer ornaments too. Learn how in the next section.

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