Christmas Food Crafts

Wreath of Candy

Wreath of Candy Christmas Food Craft
Wreath of Candy Christmas Food Craft

You'll need to hang this Christmas food craft out of reach -- or it just might disappear! While traditional wreaths are usually made from pine boughs or pinecones, for this Wreath of Candy try something a little sweeter.

What you'll need:

Vinyl-coated wire hanger

Red and green wrapped hard candy

Red and green twist ties

Red and green ribbon


To make the Wreath of Candy:

  1. Bend the bottom of the hanger into a circle. You might need an adult to help you with this.
  2. Attach a twist tie to one end of each candy.
  3. Attach the candies to the hanger by twisting the ties onto the hanger. Continue doing this until you have a wreath full of candy.
  4. You can also tie ribbon bows onto the wire to make your wreath even prettier.

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