Christmas Crafts for Kids

Band: Jingle Bells

Turn your body into a musical instrument this Christmas with band jingle bells you can wear as a bracelet!

What You'll Need:

16 inches of grosgrain ribbon or bias tape

6 jingle bells

Blunt scissors

Needle and thread

2 sets of snaps

Cut the ribbon or bias tape in half. Sew on 3 jingle bells, evenly spaced apart, on 1 piece of ribbon or bias tape. Sew a snap on each end. Snap the ends together around your wrist to form a jingle bell bracelet.

Use the other piece of ribbon to make a second bracelet. Once you put the bracelets on, shake your arms to make some music. If you want, make jingle bell bracelets for your ankles, too. Listen to them jingle when you march with the band.

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