Christmas Crafts for Kids

Santa Switchplate

Santa Switchplate Christmas Craft for Kids
Santa Switchplate Christmas Craft for Kids

Do you know why kids like to make a Santa Switchplate for Christmas? Because Santa always shows up to switch on some fun!

What You'll Need:

Sturdy cardboard





Cotton balls


Heavy-duty tape

Draw a jolly Santa on a piece of sturdy cardboard. Make your Santa at least 6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide. Have an adult remove the wall switchplate. Ask the adult to use it for a guide to mark off the hole for the light switch in the middle of Santa's belly. Have the adult replace the switchplate.

Cut out pieces of felt to glue onto your drawing. Make sure to leave the hole open for the light switch. Glue on cotton balls for Santa's beard and moustache. When your Santa is dry, have an adult tape him in place on your light switch. Every time you give Santa's tummy a tickle, the lights will turn on and off!

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