Chinese New Year Crafts

Frozen Fireworks
Make sure to give each line a good
Make sure to give each line a good

Fireworks are traditional Chinese New Year fodder -- in fact, the Chinese invented fireworks. Make your own "frozen fireworks" to celebrate the new year.

What You'll Need:

Two pieces of graph paper


Four to six pieces of colored tissue paper

Glue stick

Tag board


Paper clip

Stack two pieces of graph paper. Accordion-fold them along the lines into 3/4-inch folds.

Unfold and place four or six pieces of tissue paper between the graph paper; refold to make fold-marks in the tissue.

Take a piece of folded tissue, and put a line of glue on the inside edge of the first fold. Take the next piece of tissue paper and place the inside edge of the first fold over the glued edge. Continue in the same way with all the sheets of paper, making one long continuous pleated sheet.

Cut two pieces of tagboard that are the same length as the tissue sheets but half as wide as folded edge. Completely cover one side of each tag board with glue.

Glue one on top of your stack of tissue, and the other on the bottom. At the very top edge, staple the pieces of tagboard together (with tissue between). Let glue dry.

Draw fireworks patterns on the edge of the tissue paper. Cut out.

Spread fireworks until the tag board sides are back-to-back. Fasten with a paper clip.

When your fireworks are finished, they will be

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