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Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year\'s Drum

Gong xi fa cai! (It's pronounced Kung-hsi-fa-tsai!) Best wishes and congratulations this Chinese New Year! That's the way you say "Happy New Year" in the Mandarin Chinese dialect. Now you can say Gong xi fa cai! and more with your Chinese New Year's drum.

What You'll Need:

Margarine tub


Craft knife

Large red balloon


Large rubber band

Wooden spoons

The Chinese people have many holidays and celebrations. But the New Year is the most important. The celebration goes on for days and days. In fact, the whole celebration lasts about a month and a half!

Red is considered a very lucky color on Chinese New Year. Make yourself a red New Year's drum so that you will have it handy during the Lion Dance or the Dragon Dance.

Have an adult use the craft knife to cut the bottom off the plastic tub. Blow up the balloon to stretch the rubber.

Let all the air out of the balloon. Slit the side of the balloon with scissors, and stretch the rubber tightly over the top of the margarine tub. (Keep balloons away from small children; balloons are choking hazards!)

Wrap the rubber band around the rim of the tub to hold the balloon in place. Use wooden spoons to beat the drum.

Now that you have made your drum, you're almost ready for the all-important Lion Dance. But first, you'll need to have the right lion mask -- read on for simple instructions to make your very own.

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