Chinese New Year Crafts

Make a dragon for Chinese New Year.
Make a dragon for Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays with month-long celebrations to bring good fortune. With these special Chinese New Year crafts for kids, you can welcome your own good luck for the year.

The following article will introduce you to decorations and activities you can enjoy during the Chinese New Year. Read the following pages for more ways you can bring good fortune to your family and friends.

Luck Lantern

Make your Chinese New Year holiday season bright with this luck lantern that will attract good luck into your home.

New Year's Drum

Make some noise for your Chinese New Year celebrations and enjoy the sweet sounds of family fun.

Lion Mask

Create the perfect mask to welcome in the lion dance on the third day of the Chinese New Year festivities.

Frozen Fireworks

Golden Dragon Puppet

Use your hands and fingers to make this golden dragon puppet come to life as you welcome in the New Year.

Reflect the fortune of the Chinese New Year season with a good luck lantern. Learn how easily you can create this special centerpiece that will brighten the festivities for everyone in your house.

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Luck Lantern

Make a good luck lantern to brighten your Chinese New Year season.
Make a good luck lantern to brighten your Chinese New Year season.

Put this luck lantern on your table on the night of the first new moon of the Chinese New Year to bring your family good luck.

What You'll Need:

Empty soup can

Permanent marker





Small red candle

Remove the label and wash and dry the can. Draw the Chinese character for luck on the can with permanent marker, either four times evenly spaced or many times in smaller characters. Leave the lower quarter of the can blank.

Fill the can with water and freeze. When the water is frozen, take the can from the freezer, and (with adult help) use the hammer and a nail to punch holes to outline the characters. If the ice starts to melt, put the can back in the freezer until it is solid again.

When the holes are all punched, let the ice melt. Fill the bottom of the can 1/4-full of sand. Put the candle in the sand.

There's even more fun to be had this Chinese New Year. Learn how to create your own drum that will usher in the sounds of the season.

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Chinese New Year\'s Drum

Gong xi fa cai! (It's pronounced Kung-hsi-fa-tsai!) Best wishes and congratulations this Chinese New Year! That's the way you say "Happy New Year" in the Mandarin Chinese dialect. Now you can say Gong xi fa cai! and more with your Chinese New Year's drum.

What You'll Need:

Margarine tub

Craft knife

Large red balloon


Large rubber band

Wooden spoons

The Chinese people have many holidays and celebrations. But the New Year is the most important. The celebration goes on for days and days. In fact, the whole celebration lasts about a month and a half!

Red is considered a very lucky color on Chinese New Year. Make yourself a red New Year's drum so that you will have it handy during the Lion Dance or the Dragon Dance.

Have an adult use the craft knife to cut the bottom off the plastic tub. Blow up the balloon to stretch the rubber.

Let all the air out of the balloon. Slit the side of the balloon with scissors, and stretch the rubber tightly over the top of the margarine tub. (Keep balloons away from small children; balloons are choking hazards!)

Wrap the rubber band around the rim of the tub to hold the balloon in place. Use wooden spoons to beat the drum.

Now that you have made your drum, you're almost ready for the all-important Lion Dance. But first, you'll need to have the right lion mask -- read on for simple instructions to make your very own.

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Lion Mask

A completed lion mask will make your
A completed lion mask will make your

On the third day of the Chinese New Year, the Lion Dance begins. Some

people believe putting money in the lion's mouth will bring them luck! Bring good fortune to yourself with this lion mask.

What You'll Need:

Paper plate



Two paper egg carton sections



White glue

Measuring cup

Mixing bowl


Tempera paint





Ribbon scraps

Cut a slit in each side of the paper plate. Pull the edges of each slit together, and overlap them. Staple the edges together. This will bend the plate into a face shape.

Tape on the egg carton sections for bulgy eyes. Make a fist-sized ball of newspaper and tape it in place for the lion's snout. Crumple up some newspaper and put it under the mask so it will keep its form while you work.

Soon your lion mask will have a

Tear newspaper into strips. Mix 1/2-cup white glue with 1/2-cup water. Soak the newspaper strips in the glue/water mixture. When you take the strips out of the mixture, slip them between your fingers to remove extra liquid. Cover the mask front and back with one layer of newspaper strips. Let it dry overnight.

Add a second layer of strips; smooth the strips over the mask with your fingers. Let dry overnight.

Paint with two coats of red tempera paint. Let dry.

Paint on the lion's mouth; decorate the mask with beads, sequins, and feathers. Tape a loop of ribbon to the back of the mask so you can hang it on your wall.

Chinese New Year festivities typically feature colorful fireworks displays. Discover a way you can create your own "frozen fireworks" during Chinese New Year.

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Frozen Fireworks

Make sure to give each line a good
Make sure to give each line a good

Fireworks are traditional Chinese New Year fodder -- in fact, the Chinese invented fireworks. Make your own "frozen fireworks" to celebrate the new year.

What You'll Need:

Two pieces of graph paper


Four to six pieces of colored tissue paper

Glue stick

Tag board


Paper clip

Stack two pieces of graph paper. Accordion-fold them along the lines into 3/4-inch folds.

Unfold and place four or six pieces of tissue paper between the graph paper; refold to make fold-marks in the tissue.

Take a piece of folded tissue, and put a line of glue on the inside edge of the first fold. Take the next piece of tissue paper and place the inside edge of the first fold over the glued edge. Continue in the same way with all the sheets of paper, making one long continuous pleated sheet.

Cut two pieces of tagboard that are the same length as the tissue sheets but half as wide as folded edge. Completely cover one side of each tag board with glue.

Glue one on top of your stack of tissue, and the other on the bottom. At the very top edge, staple the pieces of tagboard together (with tissue between). Let glue dry.

Draw fireworks patterns on the edge of the tissue paper. Cut out.

Spread fireworks until the tag board sides are back-to-back. Fasten with a paper clip.

When your fireworks are finished, they will be

The last thing you need for the perfect Chinese New Year celebration is a golden dragon puppet. Discover how you can start a parade of your own using your hands and fingers to bring the puppet to life.

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Golden Dragon Puppet

Make your very own golden dragon puppet for your Chinese New Year celebration.
Make your very own golden dragon puppet for your Chinese New Year celebration.

This Chinese New Year Golden Dragon puppet has a special trick -- when you curl your fingers to make him look at somebody, his ears stand up.

What You'll Need:

Two old solid-color neckties



Gold fabric paint



Red yard

Two safety pins

Felt scraps

Cut across one of the ties about 15 inches above the point. This will be the dragon's body.

Cut the narrow end off both ties 4 inches from the narrow point. These will be the dragon's ears.

Use a sponge to press golden fabric paint onto the tie. Let dry.

For the dragon's whiskers, glue two pieces of red yarn to the point at the wide end of the tie.

Cut two black felt triangles for the dragon's nose, and glue them on.

Cut the dragon's eyes out of white and blue felt, and glue them on.

Cut the dragon's fangs out of white felt, and glue them to the sides of the dragon's face.

Make two small slits in the tie about 2-inches above the eyes. These slits should be just big enough for the gathered end of the ears to fit in. Pin the ears to the body, hiding the pins in the folds of the ears.

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