Children's Day Crafts

Kid Talk

This Children's Day put on Kid Talk, a special talk show by kids, for kids, and about kids!

What you'll need:


Desk or table

Video camera or audio cassette player (optional)

What is important to you? Do you think something is unfair? Are there laws that should be changed? Think about the kinds of problems and challenges that children face and what you can do to make life better for children. Write down your ideas, and then act out a TV talk show to discuss them.

One person can be the host, and everyone else can be guests or members of the studio audience. One person can videotape, if you have a video camera.

Think of a name for your show. You may want to play music while someone announces the beginning of the show. The host can sit at a table with her or his guests. The studio audience can sit in rows of chairs facing the host and guests.

The guests can play experts, such as teachers or politicians, or they can play parents and children. The guests might want to discuss what Children's Day means to them.

Members of the studio audience can ask questions when the host calls on them. Practice your TV show, and then invite a real audience to watch it!

Keep reading to learn how to make a new child welcome tray. It's a wonderful gift for parents who will be welcoming a new child.

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