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Children's Day Crafts

Magnet Movie Theater

Magnet Movie Theater Children's Day Craft
Magnet Movie Theater Children's Day Craft

The Magnet Movie Theater is a a great way to celebrate Children's Day. Do you like movies? Have you ever thought of making your own? Now you can. With Magnet Movie Theater you can make a science fiction or fantasy movie, such as The Day of the Disappearing Children or The Hundred-Foot Child Who Saved the World.

What you'll need:


Shoe box without a lid

Construction paper

Old magazines or catalogs





Paper clips




To make your movie theater, cover a shoe box inside and out with colorful construction paper.

You may want to write the name of your movie theater on the sides of the box. Cut out pictures you want for the background of your movie. Does your movie take place in a city? Cut out or draw buildings, and glue them to the inside of the box.

If you want something to move -- people, animals, clouds, or vehicles -- glue a paper clip to the back of the object.

Then, when you tell the story of your movie, put your cutout against the background and press a magnet against the back of the shoe box behind the paper clip.

When you let go of the cutout, the magnet will hold it up. Slide two magnets around the back of the shoe box to make two characters move.

You can also cut out fabric curtains and glue the top edge to the top of the box. Turn out the lights before your movie starts and have a friend shine a flashlight onto the "screen" just as you flip the curtains up.

Your friends will love that they went to a movie right inside your house!

After watching a movie you can enjoy the day by flying a kite. In Japan, children fly carp kites on Children's Day. Keep reading to learn how to make one of your own.

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