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Children's Day Crafts

International Doll Collection

International Doll Collection Children's Day Craft
International Doll Collection Children's Day Craft

This Children's Day, create an International Doll Collection and welcome these tiny children to your home! Learn about other cultures with this Children's Day craft.

What you'll need:


Stiff paper

Small foam balls






Thin wire

Wiggle eyes

Fabric and felt scraps

Tiny jewels and sequins

Cotton balls

Dress these dolls in traditional costumes to show what children might wear in different parts of the world.

To make the basic doll body, roll a piece of stiff paper into a cone and flatten the top by folding the point inward.

For the doll head, trim the base off a foam ball so that it will fit flat on top of the cone. Glue the head on the cone. Decorate your dolls.

  • For an Native American doll, glue on a braid of black yarn and decorate a strip of paper for a headband. Glue a piece of brown paper with a fringed collar and hem onto the body cone. Make a necklace for around her neck.
  • For a Dutch doll, glue on yellow yarn hair. Draw and cut out the shape of her hat twice, glue the tips together, then glue it on her head. Draw tulips on her dress, and glue a square of fabric on for her apron.
  • Cotton balls can be pulled apart to make fur trim for a Scandinavian doll.
  • Tiny beads can be strung on thin wire to make necklaces for African dolls.
  • Draw faces on your dolls with markers. You can also glue on wiggle eyes and make tiny earrings from sequins.

Study pictures of international costumes, and try to copy the fabric patterns on your paper cones. What countries are your dolls from?After you have made your collection you may want to make a movie about the dolls and the countries they come from. Keep reading to learn how to make your own movie theater.For more fun activities and crafts for kids, see: