April Fools Day Crafts

Wiggle-Woggle Balloon

Slightly tricky to make, April Fool's Day wiggle-woggle balloons are worth the effort -- teach your friends how to make this April Fool's Day crafty balloon and host a game of catch.

What You'll Need:

Two 10-inch balloons


(Balloons are choking hazards -- keep them and any broken pieces away from little children.)

To make your tricky balloon, roll one balloon lengthwise and slide it inside the other, leaving only the stem (mouthpiece) sticking out.

Place the mouthpiece of the inside balloon over the faucet, and fill the balloon with water until it is about 4-inches across. Tie the stem, and push the balloon the rest of the way inside the outer balloon.

Blow up the outer balloon, leaving it a little soft, and tie it. Watch out! This balloon will wiggle-woggle when you toss it.

If you start the water balloon rolling around inside before you toss it, the balloon will wiggle-woggle even more.

Play wiggle-woggle balloon outside on the grass, away from stickers and thorns.

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