28 Fun Halloween Crafts

Spooky Skeleton
Yes, he's soft, but he sure is scary -- and you can pose him however you'd like.
Yes, he's soft, but he sure is scary -- and you can pose him however you'd like.

Your face will turn white with fright when you spy this spine-chilling sight! But don't let the little ones worry, this spooky skeleton is soft to the touch, and even better, he's a snap to make.

What You'll Need

  • 7 white bump chenille stems
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut a two-bump section from a white bump stem. This will be the spine.

Use the fat parts of the chenille stems to make the skull.

Step 2: To make the skull, cut two bumps and twist them together so that the thin parts are hidden. Bend the thick parts into a circle, then straighten out the bottom thin parts and twist them together and onto the spine.

Next add the skeleton's arms.

Step 3: Find the middle of a stem and twist it on to the spine, just under the skull. Bend this stem to form shoulders and arms, cutting the stems to remove most of the thin part of each side and twisting the stem back together to look like elbow joints.

Step 4: Cut a one-bump piece and twist it to the bottom of the spine. This horizontal piece is the skeleton's hips.

Now you add hips and legs. Look out -- he's on the move!

Step 5: Cut another stem in half and twist each piece to one side of the hip bone. Bend and twist each leg between bumps to create knees.

Step 6: To make the rib cage, cut four two-bump pieces and twist them onto the spine. Bend each rib around the spine toward the front of the skeleton.

The rib cage makes the spooky skeleton start to come alive.

Step 7: Finally, cut the remaining stem into four bumps, and bend each bump in half. Twist them to the ends of the arms and legs to create hands and feet.

With so many fun and easy crafts to choose from, it may be next Halloween before you've tried them all. But don't let that prospect give you a fright -- pick your favorite Halloween craft and let the fun begin.