28 Fun Halloween Crafts


Worms of Endearment

Worms are important for spells. Let kids make their own with this Halloween craft.

The worm is as essential to a magic spell as is eye of newt. Save kids a trip to the backyard by giving them all they need to create a magic worm of their own.

Step 1: Cut sheets of foam in half. Have kids draw a worm shape on a piece of foam and cut it out. They then use the first worm as a pattern to cut out another worm from another piece of foam. Have them lay a chenille stem down the center of the worm and glue the two pieces of foam together. Place all foam scraps in the middle of the craft table.

Step 2: While waiting for the pieces to dry, kids can cut designs from the leftover foam pieces and glue them, along with wiggle eyes, to their worms. After one hour, the glue will be set and the worm can be bent into different shapes.

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