28 Fun Halloween Crafts



Make these scary soap dispensers as an easy and fun Halloween craft.

And you thought the shower scene in Psycho was scary. Put it to shame by giving kids a craft that's awash in terror: monster mouth soap dispensers.

Step 1: Kids can draw the head of a monster, vampire, ghost, or otherworldly being on the paper circles. The soap dispenser tip can poke out of the mouth, eye, or, if you've got a real gruesome guest, wound on the head. Help the kids mark the spot of their choice before they began drawing.

Step 2: When the head design is to the artist's liking, cover the front and back with the clear adhesive paper, then cut out the hole for the dispenser tip. Slide the head on the tip, leaving at least an 1/8 inch of tip poking from the head opening so the soap doesn't drip directly onto it. Secure the head in the back with tape.

Step 3: For special effects, you can mix a few drops of food coloring in each child's soap, so a blood red, spooky blue, gross green, or even a morbid black mix can ooze out of the opening. The colored soap will not stain skin.

Step 4: Kids can use any leftover paper or cardstock to create a monster body that can also be covered with the adhesive paper and taped to the soap dispenser.

Next, have fun making bat bracelets for the kids at your Halloween party -- so easy to make that the kids themselves can do it.