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28 Fun Halloween Crafts


Gone Batty Jewelry

Paint oval, let dry, and glue it to the center of the bat.

Guests at your holiday haunting will go batty over this quick-and-fun project. Have your kids make it as a gift for a spooktacular teacher!

What You'll Need

  • Markers: black fine-tip permanent; black chisel-tip permanent; silver metallic fine-point (1mm)
  • 2X4-inch black foam sheeting
  • Scissors
  • 1/16-inch paper punch
  • Medium oval wood piece
  • Foam glue
  • 2 wiggle eyes, 5mm each
  • 50 inches decorative furry yarn
  • Tape measure
  • Orange pony beads, 9X6m
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle

Products: Lion Brand Yarn Fancy Fur Stained Glass yarn; Forster/Alltrista Products Co. Woodsies wood pieces; McGill Inc. paper punch; Beacon Adhesive Co. Hold the Foam glue; Sakura of America markers.


Step 1: Download and trace Gone Batty Halloween jewelry pattern onto foam with black fine-tip marker, and cut out.

Step 2: Use paper punch to make a hole approximately 1/8 inch in from neck edge of bat. Punch hole in oval wood piece to match hole in bat. Paint oval using chisel-tip marker. Let dry. Glue oval to center of bat, matching holes. Glue on wiggle eyes, and use silver marker to draw mouth and vampire teeth.

Step 3: Cut 36 inches of yarn. String and tie pony beads onto yarn, spacing beads 11/2 to 21/2 inches apart. Tie yarn ends together at back. Fold necklace in half to find middle of front. Tie an overhand knot at center front of necklace.

Step 4: Using embroidery needle and floss, thread floss through hole punched in bat body. Bring needle through knot at center front of necklace. Knot floss ends together, leaving enough room for bat to hang 11/2 inches below knot.

Step 5: Determine bracelet size by measuring wrist then multiplying by 3. Cut yarn to determined length and add pony beads, knotting them in place as with necklace. Wrap around wrist and tie yarn ends using an overhand knot. Trim yarn ends.

Knot the pony beads in place.

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