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28 Fun Halloween Crafts


Howlin' Hot Pads

Iron fusible webbing to the felt.

Let felt add color to your Halloween kitchen! These are just the things to hold your warm dinner on cool fall nights.

What You'll Need

  • Double-side fusible iron-on webbing
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Felt, 2 squares each: olive, cranberry, white, lavender, purple, kelly green, yellow, orange
  • Steam iron
  • Ironing board
  • Tape measure
  • Quilt batting
  • 3 squares black cotton broadcloth, 11X11 inches each
  • Sewing needle
  • White thread
  • Embroidery floss: sage green, metallic silver, black, tangerine
  • Embroidery needle
  • 2 metal buttons, 7/8 inch each
  • Assorted small and medium buttons
  • 2 black "E" beads

Products: Kunin Felt; The Warm Company fusible webbing; DMC embroidery floss.


Step 1: Download and trace Howlin' Hot Pad PDF patterns onto fusible webbing, and cut out. Following manufacturer's directions, iron fusible webbing pieces to back of appropriate color felt. Cut out pieces.

Step 2: Ghost side borders: Cut a 3/8X10-inch strip and four 11/2-inch squares of fusible webbing. Iron 10-inch strip to olive felt and 11/2-inch squares to various felt colors. Cut out.

Step 3: Candy corn: Cut four 3/4X10-inch strips fusible webbing. Iron 2 to cranberry felt and 2 to olive. Cut out.

Step 4: For front and back pieces, cut a 91/4-inch square from each color felt: lavender, purple, cranberry, olive, kelly green, yellow. From each color felt noted above, cut a 5/8X51/2-inch strip for hangers.

Step 5: Refer to photos to place all pieces on felt. Fuse in place. Trim olive and cranberry felt strips on ghost and candy corn pads so they are flush with edges.

Step 6: Cut three 10-inch squares of quilt batting. Center a batting square on a broadcloth square, and place a decorated felt piece on top. Use needle and thread to baste pieces together.

Baste all your pieces together.

Step 7: Unless otherwise indicated, work with 3 strands of floss for embroidery. Whipstitch thread ends to secure stitching, and go through all layers.

Step 8: Cat: Using sage green floss, blanket stitch around head and whipstitch around nose. Make mouth as shown on pattern. Use metallic silver floss to stitch metal button eyes in place. Use straight stitches to create eyebrows and a split stitch to make whiskers. Add French knots on nose with silver.

Step 9: Ghost: Using silver floss, blanket stitch around ghost and do a running stitch around outer edge of small squares. Using sage green floss, do a running stitch along side edges of olive felt strip and 1/2-inch in from outer edges of large square.

Step 10: Candy Corn: Using silver floss, make herringbone stitch over yellow and orange and orange and white candy corn edges. Blanket stitch around outer edges of candy corn.

Step 11: Cut three 9-inch squares of quilt batting, and center on back of broadcloth. Place a 91/4-inch felt square on top of batting. Place dark purple on back of cat, olive green on back of ghost, and yellow on back of candy corn. Baste pieces of each pad together. Trim broadcloth to 1/8 inch from outer edges.

Step 12: Stitch through all layers, using 3 strands of floss for embroidery.

Step 13: Cat: Using black floss, make quilting knots around cat. Trim ends. Using silver floss, do a running stitch around triangles. Stitch a button at center of each triangle, knotting 2 and stitching 2.

Step 14: Ghost: Using black floss, make quilting knots around ghost and sew on "E" beads for eyes. Stitch a button at center of each small square.

Step 15: Candy Corn: Using sage green floss, do a running stitch at edges of olive strips. Using black floss, do a running stitch on cranberry strips. Stitch a button at each intersection of olive and cranberry strips.

Step 16: Trim all edges even. Blanket stitch edges using 6 strands of floss. Use black for cat and ghost and tangerine for candy corn. Place kelly green and yellow hanger pieces together, and blanket stitch edges with tangerine floss. Place dark purple and lavender pieces together and cranberry and olive pieces together. Blanket stitch each with black floss. Stitch hangers to each pad, matching colors. Stitch a button on top of ends. Remove all basting stitches.

Blanket stitch the edges of the hangers.

Care Instructions

Hand wash hot pads in cold water; air-dry flat. Press if needed.

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