10 Cute Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Send Free E-cards

OK, this may not be the traditional way to send a Valentine's Card, but don't dismiss it -- at least for some of the people on your child's list. If you have lots of friends and family in another state or country, hopping on the computer to personalize a few low cost or free Valentine's Day cards is a quick way for your child to pay his respects.

E-card sites like 123 Greetings are easy to navigate, and the cards are often multimedia and interactive. You can also send a single card design and message to multiple recipients. If there are seniors in your life who limit their computer activities to sending and receiving e-mails, an e-card may encourage them to explore a few creative electronic options for their own card giving in the future.

Some sites require that you become a free member before you start using their services. Others, like American Greetings, charge a monthly fee but offer a free trial. Sending e-cards can become addictive, so spend a few hours creating virtual memories with your child. It's so simple a kid can do it.

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