How to Draw Velociraptor in 6 Steps

3. Add the Claws and Legs


­ Draw a bowling-pin shape for the shin of the back leg on the far side. Add a peanut shape for the top part of the foot. The Velociraptor had a lot of claws, so be careful to include each one. Draw one long toe coming from the bottom of the foot and curving until it is flat on the ground. It should end in a claw toenail. Add a spiked toe coming off the middle of the foot. Draw one more hook-shaped toe sticking out above the first. This claw detail is a unique feature to the Velociraptor. Sketch a pear shape for the upper arm on the close side of the body. Draw another bowling-pin shape for the forearm. For the fingers and claws, draw two claw shapes turning back toward the body.

On the next page, we'll add the front leg and teeth.