How to Draw Tyrannosaurus Rex in 8 Steps

5. Add the Eyes and Claws


­Draw a pear shape for the eye ridge. Draw the edge of another pear for the top of the eye ridge on the T. Rex's far side. Put a small teardrop inside the eye ridge for the eye and a circle just behind the eye ridge for the ear. Add a tiny crescent shape for the nostril. Sketch two claw shapes at the end of each arm. Draw a spiked claw at the end of each foot for a toe and claw. At the side of each toe, draw two more lines that each follow the same shape. These are the rest of the claws, which are mostly hidden from view. On the back of the far foot, draw a backward claw. Add a bump above the last claw on the close foot for the opposite backward claw, which is mostly hidden behind the foot.

We'll add some skin detail on the next page.