How to Draw a Skier in 5 Steps

1. Draw the Body Outline


Draw an egg-shaped head. Divide it into upper and lower halves (for the positions of the eyes), as well as left and right halves. Pass a diagonal line through the head. Place three short lines on the right side of the head for the hairline, nose, and mouth.

Use various rectangles to form the boxlike chest and hips as shown here. Using ovals, tubes, and triangles, outline the shoulder, arms, legs, knees, and feet. Draw the odd-shaped hand on your right.

Behind the body, outline the other arm and hand. Use two nearly straight lines to attach the head to the chest and the chest to the hips. Sketch the ski poles with two small U-shaped figures, long straight lines, one short straight line, and an oval.

On the next page, we'll outline the clothes.­