How to Draw Hockey Players in 5 Steps

1. Draw the Body Outline


Draw an oval head. Divide it into uneven left and right halves, curving the line at the top of the head. Section the head into uneven upper and lower halves for the positions of the eyes. Place lines for the hairline, eyebrows, nose, and mouth as shown here.

Line up the top and bottom of the ear with the nose and eyebrows. Sketch rectangles for the chest and hips. Connect the chest and hips with a T-shaped figure that is curved and upside-down. Form a long tube with a thick curved end for the hockey stick.

Place two short lines near the curved end of the hockey stick. Shape the arms, hands, and upper legs as odd-shaped tubes, rectangles, and U-shaped figures. Use a slipper-shaped figure and a strangely shaped figure for the hand holding the hockey stick. Place a curved line inside the other hand for the knuckles.

On the next page, we'll start drawing the uniform.­