How to Draw a Cowboy in 5 Steps

3. Draw the Hat and Jacket


­Form the hat with an ­upside-down bowl and a curved V-shaped figure with one very long end that curves up and around to the back of the head. Draw the hairline under the hat. For the nostril, use a very short line and a bent line. Sketch a long Y-shaped figure for the open part of the jacket, placing a V-shaped figure and a U-shaped figure inside it for the scarf. Use several curved lines to shape the wrinkled sleeves and jeans, as well as the bottom of the jacket.

Define the U-shaped fingers, and add curved knuckles to the hand on your left. Place ­a sharply bent line near the front of the boot and a curved line in front of the heel. To form the fence rail, place eight straight lines on both sides of the body and between both legs and the rope.

On the next page, we'll add some detail to the clothes.