How to Draw a Chef in 5 Steps

3. Draw the Hat and Jacket


Attach a curved rectangle to the head with two straight lines to form the chef's hat. Add curved lines for the ears, cheek on your left, and part of the hairline near the ear on your right. Use curved tubes with pointed ends for the eyebrows. Form the eyes and upper eyelids with small darkened figures and short curved lines.

Draw the nose and smile lines as shown here using some curved lines. Add wrinkles to the jacket using jagged and curved lines. Sketch small circles attached to very short lines for the buttons. Place a long, curved L-shaped figure and a very short line under the jaw to form the collar. Show the top of the jacket's pocket as a thin, slightly curved rectangle. Draw two curved lines for the cuff of the shirt.

We'll work on adding more detail on the next page.