How to Draw an Icy Water Pump in 5 Steps

3. Add Geometric Objects

Make footprints in the snow with some oblong shapes to the left of the pump. Give thickness to the barrel by drawing a second oval just inside the first one. Draw a curved double line for a band around the barrel. Use a curved line for snow inside the container. Form the pump handle with gently curving lines and a rounded end. Use jagged lines to form a clump of ice.

­ Add an icicle with a long pointed shape on the tip of the faucet, more jagged than on the handle. In the background, make a long wavy line to give the appearance of a mountain range. Sketch the trunks of two trees with jagged tops near the house. Add a curved line to the roof to give the appearance of snow. Place two windows on the house by drawing tiny squares. Add a combination of ovals and triangles to form the rough shape of a bird on the pump handle.