How to Draw a Semi-Truck in 5 Steps

3. Wheels and Gas Tank

Place a tiny oval in the front tire and a small curved line near the middle of each rear tire. By the rear tires, add one long curved line and two short curved lines to form double wheels. Between the front and rear tires, form a gas tank by connecting a half circle to a short line that touches the first rear tire. Draw a circle behind the front tire. Attach the bottoms of the circle and half circle with a straight line to finish the gas tank.

Connect a short line to the top front side of the gas tank. To this short line, attach a line that bends over the front tire (for the wheel well) and around the front of the truck. Complete the top of the front driver's-side tire with a short line.

At the front of the truck, form the long rectangular bumper. Between the front tires, draw a slightly curved line under the bumper. On top of the cab, sketch the tubular exhaust pipe, the horn, and three lights that look like small connected circles.