How to Draw a Pickup Truck in 5 Steps

4. Add Doors and Molding

Using t­he front end of the truck, form two connected squares for the front headlights. Surround them with the trim, which looks like an upside-down L-shaped figure attached to a straight line with a curve at the end. Place a curved line above each wheel for the fender.

Form the door with a rectangle that has a curved left side and is missing its top. Add an upright straight line behind the door to separate the cab from the cargo bed. Near the top of this line, draw a straight line to the back of the truck just below the top of the cargo bed. Form the taillight with an L-shaped figure.

From the front of the truck to the back, add side moldings by drawing two straight lines, one above the other. At the back of the truck, connect the two lines, and continue the top line to the end of the truck. Place a short straight line inside the rear bumper. For the gas cap, draw a small circle between the door and the rear wheel.