How to Draw a Minivan in 5 Steps

5. Fill in the Details

Use several curved lines to form the passenger's-side seat and the steering wheel. Darken the passenger's-side door, seat belt, and side of the headrest, as well as the steering wheel. For the lower side moldings, draw one long straight line and a short one along the side and the rear panel. Sketch the symbol on the front hood and a slightly curved line to show the front end of the hood.

Use two slightly curved lines to show the front edge of the front bumper and the parking light/turn signal above it. Blacken a strip on the front bumper and part of the front grille. Form the door handle with a small rectangle that has a darkened lower half. Connect the sideview mirror to the door with a sharply curved line.

Shade the mirror with a slightly curved line and a darkened lower edge. Blacken the bottoms of the tires, the wheel wells, and the rear bumper.

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