How to Draw a Man in a Tuxedo in 5 Steps

3: Shape the Hair and Jacket

­ Sketch several long curved lines to shape the hair. Add a squiggle inside the ear. Use dark curved shapes for the eyebrows and ovals with pointed ends for the eyes. Form the nose with an L-shaped figure and a comma-shaped figure.

Draw a larger oval with pointed ends for the mouth. Fill in the bottom part of the mouth as shown. Draw a curved line under the mouth for the chin crease.

Use a long U-shape for the neckline. Draw two rounded triangles underneath. Connect them with a small oval to form the bow tie. Shape two long tube shapes for the lapels. Draw two horizontal lines near the bottom of the lapels for the cummerbund.

Extend a vertical line perpendicular to the bottom of the cummerbund for the zipper area. Add a small curved line for the right pocket. Use two incomplete triangles for the cut of the jacket. Add a few long straight lines to the slacks to show wrinkles.