How to Draw a Country Church in 5 Steps

5. Draw the Finishing Touches


Use dark shading for the trees in the background. Create a shadow at the side of the church with a series of crooked horizontal lines. Add clumps of grass around the gravestones and tree with short, straight lines, spaced closely together.

Scatter spiked, jagged shapes as tufts of grass on the sides of the road and in random spots in the surrounding fields. Form sills beneath each window by adding short vertical lines to finish the long rectangles which are slightly wider than the windows themselves. With diagonal lines, lightly shade part of the surface of the stones in the wall.

Your landscape drawing is finished! Even if you don't get it right the first time, keep practicing until you're happy with your drawing. The village scene in the next article includes it all -- a small church, house, and even a barn. Skip on over to learn how to draw this landscape in just five steps.­ ­

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