Gift Guide for the DIY Plumber

Plumbing Power Tools for the DIYer

A reciprocating saw is an essential power tool for plumbers.
A reciprocating saw is an essential power tool for plumbers.

Ah, now we're getting to the good stuff. That's right, power tools aren't only for home contractors and repairmen: Plumbers need them, too. And we're not just talking about expensive test pumps. Plumbers -- DIY and otherwise -- are in constant need of power drills, saws and other machines, though the tools sometimes have to be specialized to meet their needs.

Plumbing-related power tools make memorable, meaningful gifts because they show that not only are you supportive of your DIYer's hobby, they let him know you really understand what he does and needs. Plus, what DIYer couldn't use another power tool?

Check out this list to get an idea for a gift to make your DIY plumber's holiday:

  • Right-angle drills - These are exactly what they sound like: tools that drill at right angles instead of the standard forward course of straight-line drills. Right-angle drills are perfect for plumbers, as drilling large holes at extremely awkward angles is part of the craftsman's job description. Be sure to select a model with two or more gears for increased speed and torque so your DIYer will be able to carve into even the thickest and toughest materials without any problems.
  • Straight-line power drill - This tool is made for those situations where a right angle isn't needed.
  • Reciprocating saw - The up and down movement of a reciprocating saw's blade is perfect for pipe-cutting or carving through wood, metal, tile, drywall or virtually any other material, assuming you have the right blades. The reciprocating saw's short stroke also often allows access to (and through) those hard-to-reach places most regular tools can't access.
  • Threading machine - Pipe threading machines allow pipes to be cut and threaded on-site, meaning they can be a real life-saver (and time-saver!) for any truly dedicated DIY plumber. The machines can be pretty expensive, however, costing upward of $5,000. As with the hydrostatic test pump, make sure plumbing is a passion for your DIYer before you flush out that much cash for an upscale model.

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