Gift Guide for the DIY Electrician

Soldering and Desoldering Tools for the DIYer
Small enough for the smallest of jobs.
Small enough for the smallest of jobs.

Soldering tools are used in electrical work for intricate tasks, and there are tools available for different applications. A soldering iron can make a series of wire strands into one solid strand, which ensures that the wires won't separate or fray when attached to the terminal. A soldering pencil is useful for more intricate jobs like repairing a circuit board, and a soldering gun is helpful for joining two wires. In cases where you want to remove solder, such as in a circuit board repair, you'll need a desoldering tool, which is pretty inexpensive. These tools have a temperature control so they don't impact the elements around the area. They essentially melt the solder and then vacuum it out.

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