Gift Guide for the Bathroom Remodeler

Bathroom Plumbing Tools

Too crazy, and the tool isn't useful anymore. If you're planning on giving your bathroom remodeler a plunger or a toilet, you might need to reconsider. "But," you say, "the man at the toilet store said that this was the nicest one they had!" We sympathize, but toilets are just too weird to give as a gift.

You can still find something that will make your DIYer's job easier and more fun. Propane torches for soldering pipes, for instance, are good presents because they're slightly dangerous. If you really want to give a plumbing tool as a gift, it's going to have to be at least as awesome as an automatically adjusting socket wrench.

But this doesn't mean that anything that attaches to a pipe in the wall will make a bad present -- a toilet would be strange, but giving a plumbing fixture is a great chance to really pamper the DIYer (and yourself, if you'll be using the bathroom) with rain-style shower heads, double shower heads, high-end low-flow heads or those faucets he wanted but decided were too expensive.

Then there are work accessories. What about a bucket sleeve to keep tools in order for the chronically disorganized? During a big job, toolboxes are only useful for about the first five seconds of work -- a bucket sleeve keeps tools on hand without the hassle of digging through a toolbox over and over.