Gift Guide for Lawn and Garden Enthusiasts

Lawn and Garden Tool Organization and Storage

Organizational aids -- you know, all those buckets, bins and hooks -- only work if they're part of a larger system that makes sense. Even if you've got the best storage bin on the planet, if it's not located where you need it, you won't reap the benefits. So unless you really understand the organization needs of a gift recipient, consider a gift card to a retailer with lawn and garden storage systems.

That said, there are still a few neat and orderly gifts that simply make sense -- no matter what a person's organizational challenges. We like the Macbeth Collection's tool caddy as much for its good looks as its helpful nature.

Use a cutlery organizer to store and organize small tools. It's a great way to make a drawer full of tools less messy. Plus, the days of reaching blindly into a drawer and having your finger poked with a random pruner will be a distant memory. Just make the cutlery organizer part of your garden tool gift, wrapping it with the tools and all.

An old-fashioned Caldrea galvanized steel bucket in cheery yellow is a great way to decoratively store garden hand tools. Simply fill it with sand and linseed oil to protect the tools when not in use. Likewise, the container itself can become part of the gift. Simply fill it with a few tools, top it with tulle and a bow.

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