Gift Guide for Lawn and Garden Enthusiasts

Yard Tools for the DIYer

Once you move from garden to yard, the toys get bigger -- and come with more serious firepower. Before you spring for a snow blower or tree trimmer, however, consider a gift that brings together this elusive triad: lawn maintenance, golf and a few good laughs. What more could you want from a yard tool?

Hammacher Schlemmer's weed-whacking golf driver is a club that looks like an over-sized driver. But it has a secret panel that, with the push of a button, reveals a working grass trimmer. Sure to make your swing out of the rough go down in history, it's also a good motivator for those who'd rather be hitting the links instead of the lawn care.

For a new take on a classic tool, consider the Hula-Ho. This hoe, shaped like a saddle stirrup, uses a self-sharpening blade to slice through roots below the soil line. The blade wiggles (hence the "hula" in its name) as it cuts through roots without displacing the soil. Pair it with the innovative Snap!Bagger, and your gift selections will remain popular from spring to fall. The Snap!Bagger holds a leaf bag open so you can scoop piled leaves into it -- in one swift motion.

Of course, you could opt for a more artful take on yard tools -- especially when it comes to outdoor pot stands. An iron pot stand with alligator or stork feet offers a Tim Burton-esque twist, and something that surely won't be replicated by other gift givers.

If you'd rather offer a way to solve an age-old tool storage dilemma, we've got stylish options, next.