DIY Home Security Tools and Accessories

DIY Home Security Alarms

Security alarm systems run the gamut from simple magnetic sensors that will alert you when a door or window is opened to perimeter protection that will notify you if anything breaks intersecting beams installed across your property. Potential threats aren't all coming from outside of your house, either. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are important home alarms that can warn you about life-threatening dangers, too.

Among the most popular alarms are motion detection devices that turn on lights when they sense movement. Your budget and safety concerns will determine how sophisticated you want a system to be and what functions you need it to perform.

Alarms can be wired to single or multiple devices and attach to a common sound system that will alert you either locally or remotely when a sensor is tripped. On more sophisticated devices, the alarm sounds can be customized to represent specific dangers, like fire or a potential intruder at the back door. Alarms can also be silent and connect directly to the police, fire department or to a pay service that will evaluate the incident and notify the proper authorities for you.

Your lifestyle, family and belongings will help you determine the types of alarm components you'll want to install, like a car, motorcycle or camper alarm if you maintain your vehicles on a driveway or concrete pad. If you have a pool, you may want to consider adding a pool alarm that will warn you of unusual surface wave activity that may mean a toddler, animal or unauthorized adult is using the pool. These are all ways you can use alarm technology to notify you of threats in and around your property, and in some instances notify others who can respond even if you're away or incapacitated. Installing individual alarms may be relatively easy for a DIYer, but integrating multiple alarms or installing an elaborate system will probably require the assistance of a security professional.

Security alarms are becoming more economical, smaller and easier to use, so employing an alarm system as a safeguard makes good sense. Depending on your carrier, installing one could reduce your insurance rates, too.

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