Top 10 Cool DIY Tools



Yes, the image of a DIYer with a sledgehammer might be a little cliché, but that's because these demo-ready tools are indispensable anytime you need to tear down something. Can you imagine demolishing a wall with a ball-peen hammer? No -- for that kind of job you're going to have to call in the big guns (or one really big hammer). In this case, size does matter, which is why a sledgehammer belongs inside every self-respecting DIYer's tool shed.

We must advise, however, that unless the person wielding this smashing tool is a professional bodybuilder, you should go with an 8- to 10-pound model -- not a 16- or 20-pounder. The smaller of these giant hammers is capable of doing anything the big version can, and your favorite handyman won't risk throwing out his back.