Top 10 Cool DIY Tools


Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver saves you time and pain.
An electric screwdriver saves you time and pain.

It doesn't matter if the DIYer in your life is a novice or a pro, an electric screwdriver is something he'll love to have on-hand. Regardless if he's mounting shelving, assembling furniture or simply retightening the screws of some loose, old fixtures, twisting a screwdriver for minutes at a time gets old (and will probably give him serious hand cramps).

An electric screwdriver shortens mundane, uncomfortable tasks into no-hassle jobs that take mere seconds to complete. Using the tool is as simple a pushing a button. Models with an automatic spindle lock will allow him to manually start and finish turning each screw to prevent stripping, and directional controls will help him disassemble projects as quickly and easily as he builds them. Attachable nosepieces grant access to narrow, hard-to-reach spaces that, if he were armed with only a standard Phillips or flathead, would make him want call a repairman -- an act that's sure to shame even the most novice handyman.