Top 10 Cool DIY Tools



A multi-tool is a DIYer's best friend -- or best travel buddy, if you will. The great thing about a multitool is its portability. Virtually any tool a DIYer could need is packed into a small, transportable unit. While he won't be able to use it to tear down a wall (mini sledgehammers don't pack much punch), your DIYer can whip it out to conduct impromptu furniture repair at a friend's house or open a bottle of wine. These handy little tools typically contain:

  • pliers
  • serrated and standard blades
  • miniature saw
  • wire stripper
  • hard wire cutters
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • file
  • corkscrew
  • bottle opener
  • scissors

They're the perfect tools for everything from minor car problems to appliance repairs. Best of all, they're small and lightweight (despite the impressive number of tools they contain), so they're ideal for a DIYer who doesn't want to carry his toolbox with him all the time.