Top 10 Cool DIY Tools

When things leak, break or need to be torn down, these tools are essential. See more pictures of must-have power tools.

Do-it-yourselfers are easy to shop for. For any occasion, a cool tool makes a perfect gift. But the challenge is picking the right tool for their arsenal of DIY supplies. Unless you're a DIYer yourself, you probably don't know much about their chosen hobby -- especially if you'd rather call a repairman (or your father, husband or boyfriend) than pick up a hammer.

Leave it to TLC. We know what handymen would love to hang in their workshops, and our list of the coolest 10 tools includes only items that they'll actually use. We'll tell you about work lights that can take a take a tumble and still illuminate the darkest corners of any workspace. And, we'll explain why a multitool will be the only thing your on-the-go DIYer will ever need.

On the next page, we'll explain why some little tools can make a really big impression.