How to Make Beaded Zipper Pulls

Zippy Zipper Pull

So snazzy, and yet so easy!
So snazzy, and yet so easy!

The stitch used in this zippy zipper pull is easy enough for even beginners to work with. Follow the instructions below, and your zipper will be beautiful in no time.

What You'll Need:

Two colors of cord

Three beads


What To Do:

Choose two colors you want to use -- one dark and one light works best; cut each cord 12 inches long. Thread the laces through the zipper's pull, and fold the laces in half so the bottoms are even. You now have four laces to work with.

Arrange the dark-colored laces in the middle and the light ones on the

outside. With the light laces, make a simple knot in front of the middle laces.

Pull tightly.

Turn the zipper pull to the back, and tie a simple knot behind the

middle laces. Repeat knotting the laces in front and in back of the middle

laces five times.

Add a bead to the dark middle laces. Pull the light laces around the bead, and, with the dark laces, begin tying knots around the light laces.

Repeat this procedure until you have added all three beads.

End by tying five knots with the dark laces. Tie a dark and light lace together to hold the knots of the zipper pull, then repeat with the other two laces.

Leave about 3/4 inch of lace, and tie a knot at the end of each lace. Trim the ends of the laces below the knots.

With all these different zipper pulls as options, there's no need for any of your zippers to ever be boring again. And, you'll find your bags, luggage, and sweaters in a flash when you make them unique with the crafts you've created yourself. Have fun!

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Sly Snake Zipper Pull by Cindy Groom Harry and staff