How to Make Beaded Zipper Pulls

Zipper Chic

Zipper Chic
Zipper Chic

This zipper chic zipper pull is easy to make, believe it or knot! Follow our step-by-step instructions to create something cool, just by strategically tying knots. Once you get the hang of it, what could be easier?

What You'll Need:

Colored leather cords, wild-colored shoelaces, lanyard lacings, or satin cords

Big beads

Jacket, backpack, or purse zipper

What To Do:

Choose the color, pattern, and type of cords or laces you'll use according to how you plan to use the zipper pulls. Mixing colors creates cool effects and makes learning this process easier.

Start with two laces, one of each color, about 12 inches long. Thread the two laces through the zipper's pull and fold the laces in half so the bottoms are even. You now have four laces to work with.

Arrange the light-colored laces in the middle and the dark ones on the outside. The lighter laces will always hang straight down the middle. With the two dark laces, make a simple knot in front of the lighter laces. Pull tightly.

Now use the dark laces to tie a simple knot behind the lighter laces. Pull tightly, and continue knotting above and behind the light-colored laces until the zipper pull is as long as you want it.

Thread a large bead on the end of the laces and tie them off.

Another option: Make an easy variation of this craft by using a metal spring clip or a key ring. Use the same instructions for the zipper chic zipper pull, only begin by threading the laces through the swivel base of the metal clip instead. Now slip your metal key ring onto the swivel base of the spring clip. Clip your keys onto your belt loop and voilà! Funky, cool keys to go.

Once you've mastered this basic model, you may be ready for sssssomething a little more ssssssly. Continue to the next page to learn how to make a zipper pull in the shape of a ssssssssssnake.

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