How to Make Beaded Key Chains

Wingin' It Butterfly Key Chain
A fluttering beauty, but completely functional
A fluttering beauty, but completely functional

This beautiful beaded butterfly looks more like a piece of jewelry than a key chain. But no matter how lovely, the Wingin' It butterfly key chain is guaranteed to help you keep track of all your essentials. You'll just look good in the process!

What You'll Need

  • 6 feet of clear plastic lanyard
  • 24mm split ring
  • 26 royal blue baby pony beads
  • 2 black glitter pony beads
  • 14 purple glitter pony beads
  • 34 light blue baby pony beads
  • 22 lavender baby pony beads
  • 10 blue glitter pony beads
  • Nail clippers

What to Do 1. Fold the lanyard in half, and slip the looped end through the split ring. Pull the cut ends up through the loop and pull tight. String a royal blue baby pony bead onto the left strand and slide it all the way up. Weave the right strand through the bead from right to left. String one black glitter pony bead onto each strand for the eyes, then add one purple glitter pony bead to the left strand. Weave the right strand through the purple glitter bead from right to left. Be sure to keep the lanyard flat as you weave it from one row to the next.

It's no cocoon, but here's how this butterfly is born.

2. To make the first "sidepath" of the right butterfly wing, string beads 1 through 15 on the right strand. Leave a little space between the beads, and weave back through, skipping the larger beads (beads 12, 10, 8, and 6). Pull tightly as you weave back, allowing the beads to curve. Repeat to make the first sidepath of the left butterfly wing with the left strand. Add one royal blue baby pony, one purple glitter pony, and one royal blue baby pony to the left strand. Weave the right strand through the same three beads right to left.

Weave carefully so your butterfly will have functional wings.

3. String the second sidepath on each side of the butterfly. As you weave back toward the body, make sure to skip bead 15 from the first sidepath. Similarly, after stringing the third sidepath, skip bead 12 from the middle sidepath as you weave back toward the body.

Count your beads so you form the right shape.

4. Lace the last bead (16) of both lower wings to the body as a bead between rows as shown above. Use the bead diagram below as a guide to finish the last two rows.

Your complete guide to butterfly creation

5. Tie the lanyard ends together in an overhand knot. To do this, twist both lanyard ends into a loop and then pull the free ends through the loop. Tie a double knot toward the end of each strand. Thread a lavender bead and a light blue bead on each end, then tie a double knot on each strand to hold the beads in place. Trim excess lanyard with nail clippers, leaving 1/4-inch ends.

Secure your work of art with a firm knot.

If you've conquered all these key chain projects, you're ready for your masterpiece: the cheerleader. Follow our directions on the next page to create this cheerful key chain.

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