How to Make Beaded Key Chains

In 'Plane' Sight Key Chain
Control tower to pilot: We have located your keys.
Control tower to pilot: We have located your keys.

Whether you're an aviation buff or just in need of something to keep your keys from flying away, with this unique key chain, you'll find your keys are always in "plane" sight.

What You'll Need

  • 48 red pony beads
  • 10 royal blue pony beads
  • 5 yellow pony beads
  • 1 blue starflake bead, 25mm
  • 5 feet red plastic lanyard
  • 24mm split ring

What To Do

1. Tie the lanyard onto the split ring in a lark's head knot. Make a lark's head knot by folding the lanyard in half and slipping the looped end through the split ring. Pull the cut ends up through the loop and pull tight. Because this project features a "spine," it's best to use plastic lanyard.

2. Following the diagram below, begin weaving at the top wing of the plane. As you string each row, skip the yellow beads as you weave back. The yellow beads act as "increase" beads between rows.

Don't forget to skip the yellows on your way back through.

3. The top wing ends after five rows of beads, and the body of the plane begins. String and weave the first four beads of the airplane's body, then use the left strand and follow the sidepath for the nose of the plane. (Hint: Before you string the starflake bead on, check whether the lanyard will pass through it twice. You may have to use tweezers to help weave it back through.)

4. Before starting the tail sidepath on the right side of the plane, string the next four beads of the airplane's body on the left strand -- then weave back through the four beads directly above and then back through the last row. Pull firmly so this four-bead "spine" will hold the plane neatly together. (Both strands will now be on the right side of the plane.)

5. String four beads on the top right strand before beginning the sidepath for the tail. Follow the diagram above closely to determine the order in which the beads should be strung and woven. First string and weave beads 1 through 6 to create the top of the tail, then string and weave beads 7 through 12 to create the bottom of the tail. Once the tail is complete, weave back through the bead to the left of the tail, then string three more beads before weaving back through the last row of the body of the plane.

6. Continue bead weaving to create the bottom wing. Again, skip the yellow beads as you weave back -- they are now "decrease" beads between rows.

7. To finish, tie the lanyard ends in a square knot and trim the excess.

Be a square -- and keep your airplane's beads in place.

Whew! After that project, you're no doubt getting to be a pro, and perhaps you have some ladies on your list who would enjoy a softer, more feminine key chain. Continue to the next page to create the heartbreaker.

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