How to Make Beaded Bracelets

A Jewel of a Bracelet
Light up the room with this jewel of a bracelet.
Light up the room with this jewel of a bracelet.

A jewel of a bracelet uses colorful faux jewels and beads to make a dazzling piece of jewelry for your wrist.

What You'll Need:

  • 10 to 15 gold-tone jump rings, 7mm each
  • 10 to 15 sew-on faux jewels with holes at each end (depends on wrist size)
  • 10 to 15 E beads in various colors
  • 1 gold-tone clasp closure


  • Needle-nose pliers

Step 1: Using needle-nose pliers, open up a jump ring, and insert one end in either hole of a faux jewel. String an E bead onto the jump ring, then close the ring with your pliers. This will be the ring you attach your clasp closure to.

Step 2: Open and insert another jump ring through the jewel's other hole. Then string on an E bead, and insert the jump ring through a hole of another faux jewel. Close the jump ring to attach the two jewels together.

Step 3: Continue attaching jewels and E beads with jump rings until the bracelet is big enough to fit around your wrist.

Design with colors and patterns you like.

Step 4: When you come to the last faux jewel, insert its jump ring through the small hole of the clasp closure. Add on an E bead, and close the jump ring with your pliers. Connect the clasp closure to the first jump ring of your jeweled bracelet.

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