How to Make a Beaded Bookmark

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Beaded Bookmark
Beaded Bookmark

Learn how to make a beaded bookmark and reward yourself for reading with a special bookmark all your own.


What You'll Need:

1 jumbo craft stick

Acrylic paint

Small school photo

White paper

6 inches thin ribbon

2 pony beads



Craft glue


  1. Paint both sides of the craft stick in your favorite color. Let dry.
  2. Cut a small school photo into an oval. Glue it to one end of the craft stick.
  3. Cut a 3/8×4-inch shape out of white paper. On it, write your name and/or a special note in marker. Glue it to the craft stick.
  4. Fold the ribbon in half, and glue the fold to the bottom back of the bookmark. Let dry, then string a pony bead onto each end. Double-knot the ends to hold the beads in place.


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