How to Make Beaded Art Crafts

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher

This beaded art craft will help make all your dreams come true. Learn how to make a dream catcher!

What You'll Need:

Plastic coffee can lid




Embroidery thread and needle

Thin leather cord



Cut out the middle of a plastic coffee can lid to make a ring. You may need some adult help for this part. Wind the ribbon several times around the ring until it is totally covered and nicely padded; glue the ends in place. Loosely wrap embroidery thread around the plastic ring to form 8 small loops.

Use a needle to weave the thread in and out of the loops around the ring. Loosely knot the thread to each loop. Then sew each loop with its opposite loop to make a web. Hold a bead in the center and pass the thread through it each time you sew 2 loops together. To finish, tie loops of thin leather cord to the top and bottom of the ring.

Cut the bottom loop so 2 lengths of cord hang down. Thread beads and glue feathers to these ends. Hang the Dream Catcher over your bed using the top loop. All your bad dreams will get caught in the web, but all your good dreams will pass through the center and come true!

Grab your paintbrush and a handful of beads! In the next and last section of this article, you'll learn how to make a twirling spiral mobile.

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