How to Make Beaded Art Crafts

Yarn Collage

Yarn Collage
Yarn Collage

Create a unique beaded art craft by using this yarn collage. It will give your picture a furry, three-dimensional appearance. Stringing beads on the yarn adds even greater depth!

What You'll Need:


Drawing or construction paper

Craft glue

Assorted colors of yarn

Blunt scissors

Beads (optional)

Draw a picture, such as a plane in the sky, on a piece of drawing or construction paper. Apply a line of glue along the outline of the picture. Then place yarn along the glue. To "color in" a space, coil the yarn around itself until the space is filled in.

Keep outlining and filling all the spaces in your picture with yarn. Trim off any excess yarn. To add more dimension to the picture, string a few beads on the yarn as you go along.

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