How to Make Beaded Art Crafts

In this article, kids can learn how to make beaded art crafts using colorful beads, cut and paste materials, paints, yarns & thread, and recyclables. Almost every project calls for scissors, so make sure you use blunt ­scissors, and always handle and carry them safely. Kids should ask an adult for help with the hard-to-cut items.

As you try more projects, you'll learn how to use various tools while experimenting with different ideas. A simple project such as paper lanterns can be adapted in size, color, folding technique, and display. You create the additions that make your project unique.

Remember, creativity doesn't always mean making something new, it's learning how to combine one idea with another!

Check out the following pages for step-by-step instructions on how to make a variety of beaded art craft projects.

Yarn Collage

You'll be surprised what you can do with glue, construction paper, and a ball of yarn. Beads are the icing on the cake! Go to this page to learn how to create this crafty yarn collage.

Dream Catcher

Coffee lids? Thread? Ribbons? Yes -- you can make the perfect dream catcher with a few things from around the house and a big imagination. Find out how in this section.

Spiral Mobile

Whether you prefer to paint your projects or shade with markers, this spiral mobile can be created with just about any of your favorite art supplies! Go to this page to learn more.

If you're ready to get started making your very own beaded art craft, choose any of the projects above, or continue to the next page to learn how to make the first craft on our list -- a yarn collage.

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