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How to Make Beads

Beaded Beauties

You'll have fun making these traditional sand Beaded Beauties.
You'll have fun making these traditional sand Beaded Beauties.

These beaded beauties are made simply of sand. This particular way of making beads was created by African women, and if you visit that continent, you're likely to see all kinds of sand-bead jewelry being worn. With these directions, however, you can make your own sand beads right at home.

What You'll Need



White glue


Empty, cleaned plastic butter tub


Foam tray


Tiny seeds or glitter



What To Do:

Mix sand and glue together in the butter tub to make sand dough. Make enough dough to roll a number of beads in the size you want. With the nail, poke a hole through the center of each bead. If the dough is too soft to make a hole, add more sand until it is stiff enough support a hole through the bead.

Make lots of beads, then let them dry on a foam tray until they are hard. When the beads have dried, decorate them by coloring them with markers or gluing tiny seeds or bits of glitter to them.

To make a necklace, tape one end of a piece of yarn (long enough for a necklace) to the table, and string the beads onto it. Tie the two ends of the yarn together when you've strung all your beads.

Whichever of the bead-making projects described in this article you decide to tackle, you're bound to make something beautiful. Be careful, or you might just end up with a new hobby!

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