How to Make Beads

Rose Beads

Rose beads are easy to create and their scent will last for decades.
Rose beads are easy to create and their scent will last for decades.

These lovely beads, which first became popular in Victorian times when they were used for making necklaces and rosaries, will keep their scent for years and years. If someone in your family has some old rose beads, you know how long they stay sweet-smelling! These beads are easier than ever to make thanks to the modern food processor.

What You'll Need:

Rose petals

Food processor or blender

Water or rose oil (optional)

Straight pins

Corrugated cardboard

Light fishing line or dental floss


What To Do:

Pick the roses early in the morning before the sun drives off some of their scent. Choose roses with similar scents, or blend scents that go well together. Most colors will blend well, as the beads will all darken to a mahogany color.

Ask an adult to put one handful of petals in the food processor at a time and process them until you have a thick paste. You may add a few drops of water if needed, or even a bit of rose oil if you have it. If necessary, you can spoon the paste into a jar and keep it refrigerated while you wait for more roses to bloom.

When you have enough paste, roll it into pea-sized beads. Run a pin through each bead and stick the pin into a piece of cardboard. Let the beads dry thoroughly. When the beads are dry, remove the pins and string them on light fishing line or dental floss. What will you make? That's up to you!

Leave the rest of the flowers in the garden. On the next page, you'll learn to make beautiful beads from something that might otherwise be recycled. Click to learn more.

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